As we remember those who have served, past and present, this ANZAC Day; we also remember the families of those who have given their health or lives in service. 

Through serious illness, injury or death of a loved one, Legacy supports our Defence Force families.

Rosemary is an ancient symbol of remembrance having particular significance for Australians as it grows wild on the slopes of Gallipoli. It was believed to strengthen memory, so became a symbol of remembrance. It is associated with the ANZAC tradition of being loyal to ones’ mates and in honouring the memory of fallen and departed comrades. 

To Legacy, Rosemary serves as not only a symbol of remembrance; but as a reminder of the unique charter of Legacy; to care for the families of those who served their country. 

Legacy grew out of the ashes of World War with a promise to “look after the missus and kids” and has continued to keep this promise for more than 90 years. Today we support widows of World War I veterans through to current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Legacy provides assistance to the families of veterans’ who gave their lives or health during, or as a result of their service. This includes support through bereavement and times of hardship, advice and advocacy for entitlements, practical assistance including access to medical, transport and financial services and social support for Widows and people with a disability through gatherings, outings and holidays. 

Legacy also assists the children of veterans’ with educational expenses from primary though to tertiary level, supports extra-curricular activities, provides personal development opportunities and Legacy camps where they meet others facing similar challenges. 

It is of immense comfort to today’s members of the Australian Defence Force to know that, should the worst happen, Legacy will be there to look after their families. 

Without the generous donations of the public, Legacy could not raise the funds that we do, that go towards supporting our veterans’ families. 

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